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"AYE": A Pocket Guide to Code Switching, Vol. 1 All Things POC

I made this zine a while back as an ode to my youth and encapsulation of my experiences code-switching. Like many people of colour, in this case, multiracial individuals, I’ve found that my vernacular and body language change drastically when hanging out with poc vs. white friends.  It’s all very performative. Vol. 1,“All Things POC” is meant to be a satirical guide to assimilating into poc culture as a multiracial/cultural-identifying poc. I’d like to make some more, such as one that deals with what happens when you overcompensate while code-switching and end up appropriating other poc cultures (for instance, a lot of the vocab in Vol. 1 has deep roots w/in Black culture) and how code-switching works when you are multiracial but don’t have a white parent.

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